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Bellaforté Shake Shingle Roof


A Virtually Limitless Color Palette

Bellaforté shake shingle roof is characterized with natural cedar colors. Each blend consist of various wood tones creating natural one. It's highly important to create perfect matching of a roof, house and surrounding areas. VariBlend technology is an innovation that came up to form various shades of natural tone on one roof. So you can cintemplate different shades and textures that form completely new image of the house. If you can't choose precise color matching, you can create your own. Using color palettes available and with assistance of Project Specialist, you can make the one that will meet all your demands. 


Davinci Roofing Features Overview

Shake shingle roof is such a kind that is striking durable and barely need maintenance. It looks like it's made by hand and has staggered length. In addition it has simple design and meet many international standards and passed different tests. 

  • Wind performance was improved with each tile security 
  • Built-in rain gutter
  • Carbon footprint was minimized
  • 12” width multi-width wood shake
  • Being thin material, Davinci roof tile resembles jumbo shakes
  • Cost-efficient
  • Completely recyclable


DaVinci Roofing Maintenance and Installation

Bellaforté Shake shingle roof tiles are popular among many homeowners while it is cost-effective and its installation isn't labour consuming. Some first DaVinci shake shingles you can come across even now while they were produced many decades ago. Certainly you can reduce time of installation having the same quality as it has 50 years ago. Because of the following statements the company offers a 50-year warranty.

  • Water-tight roof covering 
  • Streaking prevention
  • UV stabilizers
  • Eco-friendly
  • 100 tiles per square