Bellaforté Davinci Slate Tile


A Virtually Limitless Color Palette

Bellaforté slate tile has a great palette of colors. It is easily understood that from these palettes you can choose the one you want and make your roof of the color. As a rule all colors look natural and render appearance of natural roof material. Bellaforté is known for its Proprietary VariBlend technology which deepens texture of slate tile, and it varies shades of every tile in such a way that you'll have roof with various color shades colored. If you want to create your own design of the project, you don't need to wait for designer who will completely understand you but create roof color on your own. You can use all palettes available and blend all shades and colors you want. In case you need assistance you can address out Project Specialist who is always ready to help customers. 

Bellaforté Davinci slate roof tiles are cost-effective means which protect your home from severe weaather conditions and reduce your payments for bills. 


Slate Roofing Features Overview

As any other DaVinci material, Bellaforté Davinci Slate roofing tile is very similar to natural one. It's eco-friendly and meets many international standards and qualifications.

  • Improvement of wind performance
  • Joint tiles create so-called rain gutter
  • The material required is less than for regular slate roofs; has outstanding value
  • 12” tile width
  • Heating and cooling charges are reduced 
  • Eco-friendly


Easy Maintenance and Installation of Slate Roofing Products

Bellaforté helps you save money and time.  With Bellaforté you can decrease time of installation and be sure in quality level of work done. Within next 50 years all materials damages will have been covered with durable, valuable material.

  • Non-porous material that won't allow any liquid to drain
  • Made of rpure polymers with built-in stabilizers to reflect off UV and prevent fading
  • No cracking, damages, mold or fungus
  • Fast installation and exact placement
  • Eco-friendly
  • No need for expensive roof maintenance