Davinci Fancy Shake Roof Products


A Virtually Limitless Color Palette of Cedar Roof Products

DaVinci Fancy Shake is your assistant in creating new roof project. As one of the main feature of Fancy Shakes is considered color palette. Designers of Fancy Shake cedar roof tile organized all palette in such a way that you could blend numerous colors to get exceptional shades and tones. If there is no color you want to choose, feel free to create your own one on bases of available options.  Anyway be sure your project will be unique. To learn more and get additional information you need to contact Project Specialist.

EcoBlend® cool roof colors may also be applied to Fancy Shake roof which consequently will reduce bill payments.


Cedar Roof Features Overview

DaVinci Fancy Shake may be confused with real cedar shake as more refined. It is clean, has smooth look, and perfectly polished. It's a good alternative for your house. 

  • It is guaranteed production of quality product due to utilization of pure resins
  • It is offered products of different widths (12”, 7”, 5”)
  • It is pre-sorted before being transported to the site
  • Its look resembles machine-sawn shake
  • Shakes being of different width, while installation are laid in staggered or straight pattern ti get more natural look
  • 100 %  eco-friendly


Easy installation and Maintenance

A 50-year warranty is company's assurance that DaVinci Fancy cedar roof tiles are made of quality material and perform well. DaVinci shake roof tiles are perfect option for family houses who will serve to next generations. 

  • Products, precisely organized according to the color and texture, are packed and sent to site 
  • Roofing material does not absorb water while it is manufactured of non-porous material
  • It is supplied with modern UV and color stabilizers to avoid streaking
  • Affordable price comparing to natural shake tiles
  • Fungus, algae and mold resistant
  • Easy to work with
  • Eco-friendly: environment is not polluted with material wastes while product doesn't break