DaVinci Valoré Cedar Shakes 

A Virtually Limitless Color Palette

Sometimes it is not rational for customers to buy natural shake tiles due to their constant need for maintenance and special care. In this case DaVinci Cedar Shake tiles are the best option. It is offered a wide spectrum of colors which are easy to combine in blends to create various wood tones. DaVinci Cedar Shake blends make accent on a roof and your house will stand out the others in neighborhood. Valoré applies VariBlend™ technology to find a perfect matching of colors for sustomer’s roof. But there are situations when you can’t find the exact color fitting all your demands. Then DaVinci proposes to create your own using numerous palettes of shades. All you need is just Project Specialist assistance in choosing. 
Valoré synthetic wood tiles meet various international standards like LEED-NC and ENERGY STAR qualification. 


Features Overview

Valoré Cedar shake roofing tiles were planned as a combination of roofing art and science with high performance qualities and cost-effective. Even now you can meet some historical residences with natural shake tile that look like Valore. But the Valore’s advantage of them is merely no need to be upkept. 

  • Pure resins utilization for manufacturing of wood shake cedar shakes
  • 9”tile width
  • Clean and simple design of the roof covered with single-width cedar shakes
  • Opportunity to create your own color or to use numerous palettes to choose
  • EcoBlend® cool roof color is a facility that is cost-effective for homeowners
  • 100% Recyclable


Easy Installation & Maintenance of Cedar Shingles

Valoré synthetic shake tiles have warranty for 50 years. In addition, as it was mentioned, Valoré Shake synthetic roofing tiles are highly cost-effective and you can reduce bill payments.  So, it gives opportunity to save money.  
Due to the following facts and features, maintenance of Valoré synthetic shake tiles has nevere been such easy as it is:

  • Water wouldn't drain the roof construction while materials are non-porous
  • Utilization of virgin polymers guarantees non-streaking and UV resistant cedar shingles
  • Curling, wreckage, algae and fungus damage are prevented
  • Cedar shingles are organized according to the color and texture while packing to be transported to the job site
  • There is no need to have specific knowledge to install product
  • Valoré synthetic wood tiles eliminate material waste