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DaVinci Valore Slate

One feature of Valore slate tiles that you can notice from the first glance is the color of material. Valore synthetic slate roofing products feature colors limited edition. Each product has its own palette of shades and colors which enhances aesthetic look of a roof and easily match any setting. Any palette includes only natural and beige tones. There is proprietary technology VariBlend that gives opportunity to form different shades to create never-seen-before blend of colors, you can enjoy it especially on sunny day. Maybe you face the problem that no color fit your taste or your house? Be sure that DaVinci will find solution even for the most demanding customer. It is offered a wide palette of blends or you can create your own mixture or color. All you need is just to talk to specialist who will consult you about all issues you’re interested in. In addition Valore tiles reduce your bill payments due to application of EcoBlend® cool roof colors.


Overview of Synthetic Slate Roof Features

Valore synthetic slate was designed as a practical implementation of roofing art. It creates outstanding aesthetic view and characterized with high durability at considerable price. Valoré Slate synthetic tiles are very similar to those materials covering architectural masterpieces around the world but differ from them with uselessness of maintenance services. There are the following reasons for that:

  • Synthetic slate roofing tiles are made only of pure resins
  • Available in various widths (the widest is 12”)
  • Thin Valoré tile roofing: just ½ of regular synthetic slate roof products
  • Valoré synthetic slate roofing was designed to resemble slate tiles, so it has the look of natural materials
  • Clean and simple design 
  • Opportunity to blend various colors from numerous palettes to make your house unique
  • Cost-effective: EcoBlend® cool roof colors are developed to help homeowners to save their money on bill payments
  • Eco-friendly: 100 % recyclable synthetic slate roof materials


Maintenance And Installation Without Any Problems

Install your new roof using DaVinci roofing material while it’s easy and cost-effective. Forget about upkeep and be sure that all repair charges are covered with 50-year warranty. Be sure not a single generation will live under the roof covered with DaVinci products
Watertight material due to its non-porous nature. You won’t be afraid of leakages or thaw issues

  • UV resistant due to stabilizers
  • Utilizing of virgin polymers to get quality slate roofs
  • No curling, wreckages; mold and algae resistant
  • All site are transported to job site well organized according to the color, texture 
  • No-problem installation 
  • Eco-friendly: it is not susceptible to damages, so it minimizes material waste
  • No need for slate roof support