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Choosing Right Lifetime Shingle


You've got problems with your roof shingles or you need to cover your house with new one? In this case, be sure that you found the right supplier. GAF Shingles are chosen by customers because of  Lifetime Limited Warranty provided with them and wide palette of colors and styles. These enable clients to create the style of the house they want and be sure that their property is in safety. 


Ultra Premium

Ultra Premium lifetime Designer GAF Shingles are one of the best asphalt products produced. You can choose one from a great variety of styles and colors to add one more thing to the house of your dream. There are no better shingles you can buy!


Value Collection

Every homeowner appreciates quality high performance materials, and if it was developed by talented designers, it's a great advantage. With GAF Shingles you can afford such type of materials at strikingly affordable price. Choose Value Collection Lifetime Designer, architectural shingle, that features great option of colors and styles. 


GAF Timberline

According to our data, GAF Timberline Shingles are most popular roofing material in North Ameriaca. You can be sure that you are offered the best combination of quality and sustainability. There is a great option of collections to choose: High Definition®, Natural Shadow® or American Harvest® Shingles, which are newcomers in GAF Timberline ® family.


Specialty Lifetime Roof Products

The shingles we manufacture are tested according to many criterion by roofing experts. According to data obtained we can assume that Grand Sequoia® IR Shingles and Timberline® ArmorShieldTM II Shingles have impact resistance of Class IV. GAF Timberline ® Cool Series Shingles are energy efficient (ENERGY STAR® qualified). That means that these lines of products  are not only of high performance but also are characterized as eco-friendly.