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Introducing GAF TruSlate®

Affordable Genuine Slate Roofing

If you want to know what is the most beautiful roofing material, just look at ELK shingles. For a long time, it was a choice of many great architects building their masterpieces. It' s obvious that architects such a great number of architects couldn't make mistake finding the most appropriate material. The fact is that all those world known buildings still withstand all hardships and Act of God. 


You should notice that slate roofs are not affordable for many homeowners due to its high price. But anyway, be sure it's worthy. 


GAF TruSlate makes your dreams come true! With thus company your house will look like it was designed by extra professional designers of modernity.

  • Buying GAF TruSlate you can be sure that you will get the following: 
  • Natural ELK Shingles made by qualified workers by hand
  • Gorgeously looking roof (compare the product to cheap imitations)
  • Best option for reconstruction or restoration operations 
  • Increase of the opportunity of selling a house at higher price (and assistance in doint it much quicker)


One Step Ahead

Usually while installing new roof and covering it with slates, tiles or shingles, we see that a half of slate, for example, is overlapped by another slate. GAF TruSlate is noth that kind. It was decided not to waste material and replace it with waterproofing material. So, it can be used to cover any type of a roof. 


Before making decision which type of roofing material to choose, you have to find out all benefits of the product offered. Why you need to choose plastic imitation instead of the real shingle. 


There four main colors and accents of Truslate. Black is a great contrast given to the roof by the slate. ECO Green is such a type of slate that combines 3 shades: green, blue-green, and yellow. Greystone is the most natural type of slate of grey color. In addition, Mystic Grey is a unique color of warm grey. Such color is a perfect slate for making mixes of pieces of different colors. 


In addition, GAF TruSlate takes care of its customers and is confident in level of quality of products   supplied. That is why it is offered limited lifetime warranty covering products bought at GAF TruSlate (full coverage period – 50 years)