Cambridge Architectural IKO Shingles


Cambridge Architectural IKO Shingles 

It doesn't matter whether you've organized your house in best classic traditions or want to keep up with the time and designed it according to modern standards, Cambridge architectural shingles make the process of installation and the final result impressive. Distinguishing feature of this productline is its strikingly wide assortment of unique colors. 

As it was implemented in previous productlines, Cambridge’s heavy shingle was manufactured to resist severe weather conditions and prevent distribution of harmful plants and organisms.

Certainly you have to choose a roofing contractor who will perform all roofing operations and cooperate with trustful roofing materials suppliers. In this case you can relax and just enjoy the final result. 


IKO Cambridge HD

Nature's Accent

IKO Cambridge HD Nature’s Accents Series shingles are equal in their features as previous series: have superior protection and are of great resistance to algae. The most interesting thing about it is that landscapes, views and nature of North America became an inspirational base for the color palette developed by designers. New colors and shades are more subtle and you won't find similar in any other collection.

IKO Cambridge IR

Premium Designer Impact Resistant IKO Shingles

This type of shingle suits the dwellings in areas where hails are very common phenomenon. It haas Cambridge Shingles PLUS Class 4 Impact Resistance Level.
Enjoy colors and designs as well as easy installation technology of the IKO Cambridge shingles.
Be sure that with Cambridge IR Shingles you will protect your home for longer.  It has higher level of wind and weather protection than previous lines of products. You can be sure that your roof is capable to withstand severe conditions. Such resistance technology (UL2218 Class 4 Impact Resistance Rating) is considered to be of elite class while IKO Cambridge can also prevent snowfall damages. 
Taking into account the look of Cambridge IKO Shingles, they match style of home. 
To dispel all doubts, try IKO shingles on your house and make certain of our words and in quality of the product.  Get remarkable service and sustainability with Architectural Shingles.