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Traditional Slate Tile Appearance

LudoSlateTM  offers standard line of slate tiles that means it has ordinary clay tile appearance. It may be of random or constant width, of staggered or straight butts.


Color Durability

As it was said LudoSlate tiles are characterized as colorfast. The secret of the technology is its processing at 2,100 F. It is guaranteed not to fade and is warrantied for 75 years. 


Keep Calm With LudoSlateTM

LudoSlateTM is on board for over 120 years. The company has its own technology of manufacturing and guarantees its work. They guarantees it not only with words but also legally. All clients are provided 75 year warranty. When it comes to plastic slates, they supply it only for 10 years or less while the warranty offered covers 50 years. 


High Product Performance

According to roofing experts' experience LudoSlateTM is such a slate that doesn't curl, streak or spall. 
It is possible to say that it's almost water-tight while its rate of water absorption is less than 1% . The same situation is with fire, heat and freeze. 


Fast Installation

LudoSlateTM  is the best option if you want to have roof with high performance and at affordable price. You need just 111 pieces per square which is less comparing to plastic slate (172-262 pcs) or any other slate tiles (225 pcs and up). In addition it has strikingly high breaking strength (550 lbs).


Weathered Look

You want to add weathering color to your roof but don't want to wait 5-10 years for that? Designers of LudoSlateTM  get right on it. The customers are offered “antiqued” or “semi-weathered” colors for this purpose. 
What is more these slate palette emphasizes different hues of natural stone. So you can mix and blend various shades to get desired look. 



It is perfect option for renovation and restoration objects. It's easy to work with due to light weight of the material that is why building disruptions are being minimized. 



Today we live in a world that has many environmental problems. Due to that we have to take care of our planet and use only eco-friendly materials.  LudoSlateTM   meets numerous Green Standards and supports Green Movement (Leed, U.S. Green Building Council, Energy Star Partner).