Roof Shingles

England and France is known for its classic traditions in architectural design. Inspired by the prime examples, designers of Ludowici created a collection of wood shingles of irregular size and length, with rough texture. They look like in pictures of old fairy tales where houses are covered with rustic and rough tiles. It feels like you came back to yesteryear, where the aura of old Europe prevails.

AntiqueTM Roof Shingles

Aforementioned style is created due to scraped surface and jagged butts. You feel like you live in old masonry house. These shingles make your home stand out the others in your neighborhood.


Make your building unique

Ludowici tile is a leader in materials manufacturing business since 1888. Since then portfolio of this company has included various beautiful houses and buildings around the world. And even nowadays many outstanding architects, designers and homeowners still choose it to get natural warmth and glory look. They admit that to main features of AntiqueTM Roof Shingles are unique character and beauty.


Find Your Matching

Choosing roof shingles is critically important process when designing house. Roofing gives tone to the whole building planning, it specifies the visual impact. When it comes to creating the project of the house, it is very difficult to find the perfect matching to obtain the perfect look.

Ludowici roof tiles and wood shingles Co. has experience of over 120 years and for this reason we know how it's important to find a perfect solution for a homeowners. Ludowici tile has one of the largest line of products characterizing with different shapes, colors. You can add various accessories to complete the whole exterior view of the house. In addition it is offered to customize t profile, color of the material.

Ludowici's specialists are always available to help with your profile and in choosing color and texture for perfect roof tiles.