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Spanish Tile - Ludowici Barrel Tiles


Spanish tile appears to be the same thing as Barrel tiles that is why we will use both of these definitions of building materials for Spanish tile roofs. Nowadays it is produced 2 types of Spanish tile: one and two piece tiles. Mission spanish tiles (2 piece) are very equal to those widespread roofing materials in France, Italy and Spain. One piece tile is not so cheap as the previous one. 


Tile Textures

Usually Ludowici's Mission is smooth. But depending on the taste of designer or homeowner or in order to match historic applications, texture could be changed. The reason for decreasing the glare of the texture is to make an accent on the color of the tile. Customers could apply any texture available to their tiles. Ludowici's manufacturers on a by-order basis hand-slush Spanish tiles to show all the specialties of the texture and its depth. 
But, keep in mind, all finishes and alterations to texture of tiles are done only to those one which weren't processed by craftmen.


Highly Experienced Team

Ludowici sees its mission in making roofing material of the highest quality. They are reaching it combining their experience in business and modern technologies.


Materials of high quality

Ludowici is considered as a world's leader in rooting materials manufacturing. The reason for that is  its location in Ohio. All processes of production are performed according to international quality standards. Management of the company understands the importance of trustful material usage. Also it is fired longer comparing to their competitors.


Trustful Warranty

There are several benefits of using these tiles. Firstly, it has high severe weather resistance whether you live in area with cold temperature or in tropics. Secondly, because of modern technologies the color of materials won't fade. They are sure in high performance of the material that is why they offer a 75 year warranty. 

But the most important thing you have to remember when it comes to choosing a roofing materials supplier, is that the company has to be the trustful one in order to prevent performance failures, invalid warranties etc. Ludowici has experience of 120 years and it speaks for itself, no matter what happens, it will withstand test of time.