Ludowici Roof Tile: TileTec 


Ludowici's reputation is built on basis of such factors as elegance of design, high performance and architectural style. Each type of roof tile was designed with high precision. Its features are having different surface textures with side interlocks. Usually roofers don't need to make special efforts to install it due to simple design combined with aesthetic look, as architects admit.  As all Ludo roof tiles they are popular among people while it is sold at affordable price and you need less pieces per square while installation.


Shingles Textures

Ludowici’s roof tile is a unique product on a roofing market. It has specific texture that could be applied to either historic buildings while their restoration or residential houses on demand of customer. To advantages of texture tiles belong its capacity to reflect off sunlight and due to that you can enjoy natural color of a roof without any alterations. Many roofing tiles texture are made by hand and have unique look. 


Installation Options

Usually roofers install shingle tiles in straight rows with vertical joints between roofing tiles. In order to minimize staggering rustic shingle tiles are manufactured of various length. In addition  roofs are laid with Ludowici’s shingle tiles in staggered way to make accent on the texture of material and to get the look of rural area house. 


Sustainable and Efficient

We're living in the world fighting for a place to live. Mission of every citizen s to take care of our planet. Numerous enterprises are not an exception. They are responsible for goods they produce and impact they have on environment. Ludowici is a Green Company which uses natural resources efficiently. 


Think Ahead

Do you want to be sure that your roof will withstand the test of time and different weather conditions? In this case choose Ludowici roofing tiles. You're offered products with an expected life of 100 years, it's one of the highest in industry. 


Eco-friendly Material

As it was said Ludowici roof tile company is efficient one in using natural resources. Everything is made of clay and water through specific processing. These products are 100% recyclable, non-poisonous and safe. In the end of their lifespan they can be used as filters for any future constructions or used as base for next roof installation.


Energy-saving Material

Ludowici roofing tiles decrease consumption of energy by 20%. 28 colors of Ludowici palette meet a Solar Reflective Index which means high efficiency in energy consumption.