Monier High Profile Concrete Roof Tiles


Coppo di Grecia

Visually Appealing Concrete Tile Roof

You like Italian architectural style and would like to live in one of those little cozy houses? Begin with roof! With the Coppo di Grecia there is no problem with that. Italian concrete roof tiles that have visually distinctive undulating shape. It is a popular choice of people who want to install on modern houses or renovate old buildings. It is offered wide palette of colors with different surfaces and textures. In addition it is very cost-effective material while you need just 10 tiles per square meter of concrete tile roof. 



The Mediterranean concrete tile roof is becoming popular among homeowners who want to bring summer atmosphere and warm flair to their houses. According to last tendencies this style is respected by famous architects in regions and countries outside the place of origin of this style. It's appearance is inspired by Tuscan landscapes, Italian countrysides, narrow Venitian streets and Spanish cafes. All of these people want to feel that atmosphere without leaving their houses, are preferably choose Mediterrano line of Monier concrete roof tiles. A palette of this product line employs pastel shades of Italian sky, forests, plains and hills. It gives opportunity to designers to cerate house projects applying welcoming colors to concrete tile roofs. 


Monier Concrete Roof Tiles

The constituents of Monier concrete roof tiles are sand, water and cement. They are not fired like clay tiles but processed at 60 degrees Celsius. Usually they are laid in several days after manufacture (they become solid enough to be transported and can be worked with). Over time it is becoming durable and able to withstand severe conditions. 
Interesting fact: some concrete tiles that were produced in 19th century in Germany are still covering roofs of historic buildings and there is no violation of performance. 

Concrete tiles belong to eco-friendly materials being non-hazardous to atmosphere and environment. The process of its manufacturing is energy-efficient and the material as such is highly durable, so it barely affects surrounding areas. As a result concrete tiles are highly functional, Eco-friendly material that let us take care of environment.