Low Pitch Roof

Double Roman tile

Low Profile tiles from product line The Frankfurter Pfanne are popular material in the UK, France and US. It is also known as the Double Roman tile (UK variant) and Double Romane (US variant). In US this tile is produced by Monier. The origin country of this material is Germany and was highly popular among roofers and homeowners. Designers of Monier created a wide palette of colors and all of them are constantly available till now. Depending on your taste, you can cover your roof with high performance tiles made through Auranox technology due to which they are dirt-repellent and smog-eating. Monier low profile tiles have appealing look and are exceptionally durable that usually meet all requirements of customers. 

The Double-S

As well as Double Roman Tile, the place of origin of The Double-S concrete tile is Germany. Although it is widely used outside the place of manufacture: the UK, Western Europe, Poland and US. It is well-known that Germany is windy country, especially its North Sea coasts. That is why the design of this material was specified for these areas. It can easily withstand severe weather conditions, hails, deflect wind of any velocity and offer exceptional protection to your house. Concrete tile is available in different colors that match any setting and, having singular shape, its shade and texture render to low pitch roof a special touch.  

Concrete Tiles Covering Low Pitch Roof

Concrete tiles consist of sand, water, cement processed at temperature of 60 C °. They becomes sturdy enough to be transported to the site where roofers begin to work with it. They are laid within few days upon manufacturing and in a short period of time become stronger. Some first concrete tiles produced (it was approximately in the 19th century) are still perform.
Monier, being a company with a long history, takes care of its customers and environment. Making durable concrete tiles, Monier is concerned about environment and its pollution (you don’t need to reinstall your roof for decades and subsequently, do not need to pollute environment with waste). Also it is energy-efficient material that will reduce the cost of pay bills. So, Monier concrete tiles are perfect option as an eco-friendly and cost-efficient materials.