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Monier Roof Tiles for Flat Tile Roof



Germans like when everything is simple and accurate. Design of concrete tiles is not an exception. Tegalit by Monier features strict lines and geometrical design. Being the place of origin of Tegalit, there are available 6 different colors ranging from grey to red, and various textures that outline the whole look of the roof.


It is required 9.7 – 10.7 tiles per square meter of a roof which is relatively cost-effective. In order to avoid unnecessary dirt on your roofing material, it is fitted with dirt-repellent technology. Such flat tile roof covered with Monier products like Tegalit is spread in other countries like Italy, France, Austria, and the UK but everywhere it has different names (Richmond and Mini Stonewold tiles, Tectura or Palace). 

Concrete Tile Roofs

Concrete tile roof products are made of eco-friendly materials like sand, water and cement and are non-poisonous. The process of manufacture is not energy efficient and differs from conventional. Clay tiles are not fired but manufactured at temperature of 60°C. Such heat treatment makes them sturdy and apt to be transported to the site where roofers are ready to perform their part in this operation process. Clay tiles are laid and over the time they are becoming more and more solid and durable. Even now you can meet some roofs covered with first concrete tiles manufactured. 


Monier Co. is concerned about its reputation and wants to meet all customers’ demands. Covering your roof with these energy-efficient and long lasting material, you make the impact on environment comparatively less than it could be done with other materials supplied. Also it is admitted that bill payment are reduced in several times due to well-performing roof covering material.
So, choose Monier for your flat tile roof and be sure there is no other better choice