Exterior Siding


Siding protects our exterior design of our houses. Every type of siding has its own advantages: aesthetic view, low maintenance, energy efficiency. Trying to find the most suitable material type, it's highly important to find out all their pros. 



Wood siding has been utilized for centuries as an exterior covering of many houses around the world. The first quality you have to pay attention to is the type of wood. One of the most durable is cedar because its structure resists rotting. However cedar as well as red wood siding cost much more than material made of other wood types (like pine and spruce).
It can be of different forms:

  • shingles
  • clapboards
  • drop siding
  • vertical boards
  • sheet siding

Take care that you need to make coating on the siding, it will protect it from bugs, algae, and weather damage. It is highly important to perform regular maintenance to avoid further siding replacement or repair. 



Stone siding has much longer lifespan than wood one, if it's installed properly, However, the cost is much more higher than any other siding material. But anyway, you have to bear in mind that stone is strikingly durable to various kinds of outer impacts, like weather, damages, foreign organisms. Slate siding can be manufactured in form of slate, it gives solid look to a house. In fact majority of stone houses are decorative. 
To perform proper installation it must be done by a professional to make sure that applied weight will be held by the structure. In addition roofers won't cope with installation without special equipment and additional mechanisms. But its advantages, long term performance and varely no need for maintenance,  anyway will outweigh all charges you had. 



If you're looking for a siding which is easy to maintain, has affordable price and has wide palette of colors. There is no other material as popular as vinyl siding among homeowners. This should come as no surprise: it’s easy to maintain, has affordable price and is available in various colors and styles. You can choose among numerous palettes (more than 200 colors) and styles of their application (horizontal or vertical). The process of maintenance consists of cleaning and eliminating foreign particles from the surface of siding panels. The reason of major siding damages are wind storms and hails. That is why it’s recommended to keep in mind a style and color of your siding to be ready for unexpected situations. Then you can easily repair all damaged parts without delay. Companies usually provide with limited lifetime warranties. 


Fiber Cement

This material is not so popular among customers as previous. But the situation is changing with a course of time. It’s highly durable and has unique design. Many experts admit that it looks like wood shingle, but it also has some privileges: fiber cement is resistant to bugs, weather conditions, and watertight. Maintenance is performed without any problems, easily, and much cheaper comparing to wood siding. Average warranty covers damage charges for 25 years.