Vermont Slate Roof


Vermont Structural slate manufactured by Vermont is composed of ash and clay. Due to the specific process of material compression, structural slate is muck stronger than any other product made of rock. Roofing experts usually cut it to polishing to bring appealing view to the material. It's a perfect solution for flooring and roofing that passed a test of time. 


Slate Roof Colors

Usually Vermont structural slate is presented in grey color. But it varies from area to area, for example, in North Wales you can meet its different shades, in US it's more classic deep color. Sometimes it's colored in purple, green or cyan. 


Material made of such constituents as rock, volcanic ash etc, made be formed in roofing slate, more rarely roof tile used for layering. Among disadvantages of this product are their splitting and fracturing, it can fall into thin sheets. But nevertheless, broken pieces seem natural and a house doesn't look messy. In addition it doesn't take much time to maintain it.


Benefits of Vermont Structural Slate

Vermont Structural Slate is a good solution for those who live in areas with severe weather conditions. It can withstand winds, snow showers and even frost. Experts took care of their customers and made a product that has a little water absorption index (less that 0,4%). So, you can be sure that on rainy days you can feel comfortable in your house. You won't be afraid even of snowy days while water will not freeze on your roof in case of high level of roof installation. In addition it's highly energy-efficient. 

With simple design of Vermont Structural Slate it's easy to make matching with other settings, that is why it's one of the most preferable products of many architects. 
All technologies and innovations appearing on roofing market couldn't exceed structural slate durability and natural beauty. 
In North America Vermont Slate roof is considered to be premier class roof material.

Vermont Slate roof, a well known roof type world wide, is considered to the highest quality roof spread in North America. We've been working with roofing suppliers for many years and can offer you an amazing Slate roof solution available.